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Agile Requirements

The BEAM* method helps close the gap between business user requirements and data warehouse design

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Agile Data Warehouse Design

Lawrence Corr is bringing  his 3-day course back to Wellington in March 2019

Data Vault Certification course

Hans Hultgren returns to Wellington this December to host a 3-day DV course

What is ELM?

Enterprise Integration Platforms, such as the Enterprise Data Warehouse, store integrated data in a common database.  The features of this common target schema typically include: Enterprise-wide scope, Auditable data, Data sourced from several source systems, A...

What’s on in Wellington for data geeks

Kia ora and welcome to November! Once again, we're moving swiftly towards the end of the year wondering how that happened so quickly! Thank you for being part of the OptimalBI whānau in 2018.  We hope you enjoy all the festivities over the coming weeks and have a...

Algorithms in the news

It's been an eventful few weeks news wise with many high profile organisations admitting to their algorithms containing bias, even our government have opened the door a wee crack acknowledging there might be an issue within their programmes. Here is a summary of whats...

A little bit more

Since our inception in 2008 we have been blown away at how far we have come, in both the customers we work with and the things we deliver.

To say change is constant in the world of OptimalBI is an understatement.  Today we describe ourself like this.  Tomorrow?  Well that depends on what you will need us to deliver.


We teach your team to deliver like we do


We coach your team to deliver like we do


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