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We have spent the last few years perfecting how we use Agile methods to successfully deliver business intelligence projects.

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The BEAM* method helps close the gap between business user requirements and data warehouse design

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Please, Talk to Me

Living in New Zealand and following Formula 1 is hard work. For a start, I watch all the races live; generally, on a Sunday at midnight. This prevents me from hearing the result on the radio, which in a nation where no one else seems to care, it seems odd that it...
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AWS Tips and Tricks: Time Zone

I have mentioned in previous posts I am no way near an expert in OS’ especially Linux, although I have to use in some form or another on a regular basis. While attempting to configure one of our AWS Linux servers I needed to do a few things that I have not had to do...
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Using Stats NZ Maps in Qlik

As I mentioned in my last post we have loaded the KML into Qlik Sense but it’s not that useful as the Name field is missing and being populated with an automatically generated value p<rownumber>. If you open the KML file in a text editor you will see that...
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Loading Stats NZ Maps into Qlik

One of the features of Qlik Sense is the ability to load your own mapping layers into the tool. This allows you to navigate your data spatially and provides another visualisation to display represented data that might have a geographic aspect. All Qlik needs is a...
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All About Hans Hultgren and Data Vault

You might know Hans Hultgren is coming back to New Zealand because you read Shane Gibson’s blog or somebody told you about it. You can sign-up for Hans Hultgren’s three-day Data Vault Modeling and Certification starting on the 1st of August in Auckland...
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Another Disaster Movie

OptimalBI is a diverse collection of experts in a range of Business Intelligence subjects from the esoteric through to the extremely technical. To spread some of what we know, we’ve undertaken to explain ‘a concept’ every month with each other, and now to you too. I...
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Qlik Sense Desktop – Loading QVD

When using the Qlik Sense Desktop you can easily add Excel or CSV files to your new application by selecting them in the add data window. What I missed was the fact that this option also allows you to add a QVD easily as the source file.  Just select “All...
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TEC: Flying the plane past our Meetup, as it’s still being built

Back in February, I headed along to SUNZ 2016 one of the best presentations was by Jan Sheppard, Manager of Business Information Services, TEC. Jan talked about ‘Building the plane in the air’, how she had transformed her team into an Agile unit mostly by...
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Kotlin, dragging Java into the modern world

Even though we love our coffee here at OptimalBI, we have never had a place in our hearts for Java. Even so Java has a lot to offer for the modern cloud-driven world, but writing good, maintainable and human readable code has never been part of a Java developers life....
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A little bit more

Since our inception in 2008 we have been blown away at how far we have come, in both the customers we work with and the things we deliver.

To say change is constant in the world of OptimalBI is an understatement.  Today we describe ourself like this.  Tomorrow?  Well that depends on what you will need us to deliver.


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