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We have spent the last few years perfecting how we use Agile methods to successfully deliver business intelligence projects.

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The BEAM* method helps close the gap between business user requirements and data warehouse design

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Data. It’s a requirement Jim, but not as we know it.

Data requirements aren’t like other functional requirements. Non-data functional requirements can be relatively easily defined; ‘Registered users will be able to login to the system by providing a username and password’. They also fit easily into a prioritisation...
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There must be a better way to do data science than dumping the entire database every time

Let's not fill them up unless we absolutely have to. Photo: JazzBariSax When I arrived at OptimalBI 2.5 years ago I was a stereotypical standalone researcher, meaning: Don't trust any data you didn't create yourself Teams slow you down so best to go it alone...
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Gathering data requirements, easy, right? Part 2

Last time I wrote a short blog on the type of person who should be at the forefront of gathering data requirements and intimated that there is a particular technique that should be used. I should say from the outset that for a large chunk of my career I gathered...
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Machine, Process and Human Generated Data

BI Modal Courses and Conferences When I can make the time I find it useful to attend conferences and courses. I try and mix up the things I attend to combine both events that are in the BI domain and events that are outside the BI domain as I always seem to find...
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Gathering data requirements, easy, right?

Gathering any form of requirements is hard work. I know, I’ve been there. But gathering data requirements takes a special person and, as I’ve learnt, a particular technique. Mostly this job gets foisted onto a Business Analyst, but maybe you’re a Developer, Data...
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Surfacing the right conflict generates useful data requirements

Be glad you're not the pianist accompanying this duet. Photo: Our daily news is filled with people screaming at each other. Sometimes this is because their values differ fundamentally, but more often one person said something carelessly, the...
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How do data requirements differ from other requirements?

Requirements fall into two distinct categories; non-functional and functional. Non-functional requirements define how the system should behave, things like performance, scalability, capacity, availability, reliability, etc. These tend to be the ones ‘the business’...
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Data Replication: SSIS or Attunity?

I was working with MS SSIS for almost four years before I bumped into Attunity Replicate. At first glance it looks like the two products can do the same job, they both are able to copy the data across different environments. Let's have a closer look. Attunity...
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Visiting Lawrence Corr, the man behind the method

During my family holiday to London in June we were invited to visit beautiful Yorkshire in Northern England to spend a day with Lawrence Corr, inventor of the Agile Business Requirements gathering method OptimalBI (and many of our customers) have embraced - BEAM* or...
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A little bit more

Since our inception in 2008 we have been blown away at how far we have come, in both the customers we work with and the things we deliver.

To say change is constant in the world of OptimalBI is an understatement.  Today we describe ourself like this.  Tomorrow?  Well that depends on what you will need us to deliver.


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