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We have spent the last few years perfecting how we use Agile methods to successfully deliver business intelligence projects.

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Agile Requirements

The BEAM* method helps close the gap between business user requirements and data warehouse design

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Our customers need to help them succeed

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On witchcraft, Trump and evidentiary standards

In the spring of 1692, the Massachusetts Bay Colony fell victim to a wave of murderous public hysteria that claimed the lives of twenty five people. It wasn’t until after the Salem Village doctor had already diagnosed the ‘bewitchment’ of two young girls who had been...

Statistics Within Business Intelligence

People talked a lot about Data Science in my coaching and mentoring sessions last year, there was a lot of confusion!  Specifically about the technical skills needed to be a data scientist - my last blog covered the Computer Science t-skills, this blog looks at the...

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Since our inception in 2008 we have been blown away at how far we have come, in both the customers we work with and the things we deliver.

To say change is constant in the world of OptimalBI is an understatement.  Today we describe ourself like this.  Tomorrow?  Well that depends on what you will need us to deliver.


We teach your team to deliver like we do


We coach your team to deliver like we do


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