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OptimalBI presents HANS HULTGREN, learn data vault from one of the worlds leading experts.

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AgileBI Experts

We have spent the last few years perfecting how we use Agile methods to successfully deliver business intelligence projects.

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Agile Requirements

The BEAM* method helps close the gap between business user requirements and data warehouse design

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Our customers need to help them succeed

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Supporting the Business

Hello, business leader!  How does your business grow?  Where are the weeds hiding?  Do you know?  Is this information that your business intelligence is providing?  Maybe not.  What needs to happen so that you will know?  Keep reading and I'll give you my thoughts. By...

Tips and Tricks for AWS Lambda Functions in C# (DotNet Core)

Recently I have had the chance to muck around with the new DotNet Core in AWS Lambda. Here is a few things I have learnt and can hopefully save you the time and trouble of struggling over. DotNet Core Version AWS Love keeping AWS Lambda on annoyingly old versions of...

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Since our inception in 2008 we have been blown away at how far we have come, in both the customers we work with and the things we deliver.

To say change is constant in the world of OptimalBI is an understatement.  Today we describe ourself like this.  Tomorrow?  Well that depends on what you will need us to deliver.


We teach your team to deliver like we do


We coach your team to deliver like we do


We deliver what you need

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