Yellowfin makes changing view names seamless

by | Oct 21, 2014

yellowfin_logoOne of the frustrations I have with many BI products I have used is that they often state all their components are fully integrated.  But when you go to use it in anger you find gaps that increase the effort required to do simple things.
Often its around metadata integration and is a result of different development teams building different components of the BI platform and obviously never talking to each other (or ignoring each other if they do)
One of the common ones that frustrate me is when you make a change to a semantic layer and all the reports break and have to be changed.
So it was a loverly surprise that when I went and renamed the Yellowfin view I was working on for some demo HR dashboards and my reports didn’t break. When I went to edit the reports they just displayed the new view name and worked as per.
I like surprises.
Ps. Views are the term Yellowfin uses for their semantic layer.

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