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by | Sep 9, 2014

I’ve spent time going through the content available for Yellowfin on YouTube and it’s pretty comprehensive. I’ve put together a list of videos worth watching to understand Yellowfin a bit better. The first section is a quick overview of each, the second is more comprehensive. I’ve included some other useful links too for more specialised guides.


Introduction to Report Builder (2 minutes)
[youtube] A brief overview of the report builder, will give basic understanding of getting data ready for reports.
Introduction to Charting
[youtube] A brief overview of creating auto-charts, will give a basic understanding of using data to create charts.
Introduction to Multi-Chart
[youtube] A brief overview of creating multi-charts, this will show you how to create charts with advanced layouts, bringing in multiple charts, images and text boxes etc.
Quick Dashboard Overview (Sales not training)
Very quick overview of what can be produced, this is targeted as sales material but gives a basic understanding of the dashboard look and content. Included as dashboard training guides are lacking. This is a direct link, embedding has been disabled for this video.
Introduction to Views
[youtube] A brief overview of views, how to edit and create them.
Introduction to Data Sources
[youtube] A brief overview of data sources and setting them up.
Collaborative BI tour
[youtube] A brief overview of discussion boards and the social and personlised content in Yellowfin.
Introduction to Yellowfin’s iPad app
[youtube] A brief overview of consuming content in the Yellowfin iPad app.


Content Creation in Yellowfin 7
[youtube] Webinar showing how to create simple charts, multi-charts, summaries and KPIs.
Exploring 7.1 Training Webinar
[youtube] Webinar showing the changes in Yellowfin 7.1
(Version 6) Dashboard Creation
[youtube] Webinar showing creation of dashboards. This is an outdated version but gives an overview of how it works. No content yet available for 7.
Exploring Yellowfin’s Storyboard
[youtube] Webinar going through Yellowfin’s Storyboard functionality.


Introduction to Conditional Formatting
[youtube] Introduction to Summaries and Totals
[youtube] Union sub queries
[youtube] Minus and Intersect sub queries
[youtube] Append sub queries
[youtube] If I come across any more I’ll add them on. If you find any worth sharing please leave me a comment.
Keep exploring!

  1. Ivan

    Is it just me or are they all pointing to the same video?

  2. Daniel Reed

    Hi Ivan – thanks for the comment. It seemed to be defaulting to the first video on the Youtube playlist rather than the one specified. Should be all fixed now.

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