Why you should go to AWS Lunch & Learns

by | Sep 29, 2015

I have attended several AWS (Amazon Web Services) Lunch & Learns and an AWS Certification Appreciation Reception in the last couple of months.  It is good to see AWS still providing these events as a way of promoting the services they offer and recognising their user base.
Lunch & learns
Each month or there about AWS put on what is known as lunch & learns to promote and educate people about the services that AWS offers.
The last three lunch & learns were titled; ‘The System Administrator Role in the Cloud’, ’Closing the Gap: Moving Critical Regulated Workloads to AWS’, and ‘Extend your Datacenter with Hybrid Infrastructure’. The next one scheduled for October is titled, ‘Getting Started: Running SAP on AWS’ (Note: as the events are invitation only, talk to your local AWS team for details).
I find these events are good at giving a short overview of what can be done and why certain things are important when considering using AWS services.  In the past they have triggered me to go back to the office and research a service or technique I hadn’t seen.
The reason I attend is to see what is new (or something I have missed) in the AWS service catalogue, to get out of my home office and meet some other users, and of course to have some lunch while doing it.
AWS Certification Appreciation Reception
I like how AWS operate.  They seem to have a couple of different approaches to customers/users. For example, they value the users who have taken the time to gain certification by holding receptions.  I recently attended a reception at Snapdragon that was a way for AWS to say ‘thank you’ for attaining certification and an opportunity for us to meet other certified AWS users. Thanks AWS; the drinks, nibbles, and little gift were great.
If you get the chance and are interested in AWS and the services they provide I recommend contacting your local AWS team and registering for the next one.
And my final comment;  I have said this before and will say again, some other vendors I deal with can learn a lot from AWS on how they treat customers, partners and certified users.
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