Where was the SAS – SUNZ 2016

by | Feb 29, 2016

Once again I was fortunate to attend the National SUNZ one-day conference in Wellington. The event was well run (except for one slight timing glitch between the two streams), the food was good and the networking drinks were even better (mmm Beer).
I understand the time and effort put in by the committee to organise such an event and the presenters volunteer their time – the quality of presentations were good.  However, I have an observation which may seem contentious.
SUNZ is short for SAS Users of New Zealand, so where was the SAS?
SAS were at the event and there was a technical stream, but it wasn’t technical at all – the closest I got to seeing SAS was Milo Davies from SAS using SAS VA to present his slides (rather than Powerpoint).
As an old school SAS User I like to see code, tips and tricks, and how companies are using the latest and greatest from SAS – note that is different to a sales pitch from SAS ;-). I miss those types of presentations; are they missing because of the lack of technical people wanting to present, the type of people using SAS now, or the direction of the conference? Am I the odd one out here? Is this a sign of the times about the target audience of SUNZ? I have no answers.
I just hope there are some offers (and accepted) for true technical content next year.
Barry, Preventer of Chaos

  1. La

    That’s pretty much why I don’t bother going any more. Marketing conferences – fine. But I’m a programmer.

  2. Barry Stevens

    Hi Laurie. TBH it wasn’t a marketing conference it just lacked SAS content. Barry

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