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by | Feb 26, 2014

Barry-StevensSo SAS 9.4 has been released, and there have been some great improvements, over the next few months I’ll Blog about the cool new features I like.
As an SAS Administrator I have always been frustrated with the tools available from SAS when it came to managing and monitoring the SAS environment.  A while back SAS Audit, performance, and monitoring was released, it wasn’t easy to install in a multi-server environment, and only came with “Sample” reports.  Don’t get me wrong SAS APM is good but it seemed like it came from the SAS consulting arm as an after though.
Well SAS 9.4 has a New Administrative Interface the SAS Environment Manager
Blurb from the SAS Documentation
“SAS Environment Manager is a new monitoring and management system for SAS deployments. Features include automatic resource discovery, monitoring of remote systems, personal and role-based dashboards, alerting, and visualization. The application provides web-based management, operation, and proactive monitoring of servers on both the middle tier and the SAS server tier. SAS Environment Manager incorporates some of the Hyperic technology from VMware in order to offer enterprise-class operational features. “
“Over the lifecycle of SAS 9.4, functions will be added to extend SAS Environment Manager’s capabilities as a centralized administration application for all SAS products. At this time, no functionality has been removed from the other SAS administrative applications such as SAS Management Console and the SAS Web Administration Console.”
So it sounds like the Environment Manager is going to get more functionality over time, and reading this will become the one stop shop for administrating SAS environments, Nice.
Briefly, the environment manager has agents on each server that collect a broad set of operational metrics (Availability, Performance, Configuration Changes, Events, Log entries) that are stored in a service database and presented in the form of dashboards, alerts etc from a management server.
More information on the SAS Environment Manager can be found here
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