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by | May 16, 2016

I’ve written about Qlik before and I wish I had been at Qonnections 2016. But I did the next best thing, sifting through all the tweet and social media shares from the three days of the conference to see what everybody else thought.
When I do get a chance to go to Qonnections I’ll know how to prepare because I found this great guide on how to do just that. So I know that I should dress comfortable and I also found this great quote; “Just because we ‘compete’ with some of the other resellers doesn’t mean we have to avoid them. We should befriend them and learn from each other to beat Tableau, etc.” – John Fitzgerald, VP Qlik Practice. 
Qlik themselves do a recap of each day’s best tweets starting with Day-1 here. It’s alright but there isn’t a lot of depth in a tweet, the photos are nice.

The big news

You can read the Qlik release of the big announcements here.
To me they break down as follows:

For Devs and Admins
  • Improvements in the Qlik Management Console (QMC) to make deployment faster and administration easier
  • A new development hub to enable easier creation of apps, mashups, and widgets, with a focus on visual analytics
  • One subscribed user to Qlik Sense Cloud Plus can now share with apps with an unlimited number of other users
For Users
  • Better more visual search
  • Improvements to publishing and sharing including options to publish in Microsoft Office and PDF
  • Qlik NPrinting now supports Qlik Sense so reports can be pixel perfect
For Data People
  • Dates are now automatically broken down
  • Easier creation of derived fields
  • Better connectivity to get data in from sources including Twitter, Facebook, and Google, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and SugarCRM
  • Easy access to reference data with Qlik DataMarket

The commentary

Kris S @kmsnyder2 asked the same question I’d love answered, ‘Will the presentations be posted online?’. I’ve gained a lot of insight seeing presentations from previous conferences posted online so I hope Qlik do this at some stage. If anybody knows when the presentations will be up can you please post something in the comments so I can keep an eye out? Thanks. Qlik have added this short Qonnections video to their YouTube channel.

I think the biggest call from the conference must go to Timxtender with their tweet, “Build a Data Warehouse in 8 Minutes” that’s pretty impressive if they can pull it off.

Doug Henschen of Constellation Research sees cloud disruption coming in his recent blog post. This was by far the most re-shared blog or commentary from the conference so I’d recommend reading it in full. He’s impressed with what will be in the new 3.0 release and Qlik purchasing Industrial CodeBox. But he also says that Qlik should be moving faster to the cloud and they might lose ground to other big players data plays if they don’t get a move on.
Qlik being all about how to visualise data it isn’t surprising that some of the best tweets were showing Twitter data in fun ways. This one by ) shows a dashboard of twitter action during Qonnections as my favorite. It’s just so hard to make a dashboard pretty, am I right?
What was your favourite Qonnections moment? Did you Tweet it?
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