What is Agile BI and Data Warehousing? It's what I do.

by | Sep 13, 2016

What is Agile BI and Data Warehousing? It's what I do.

by Sep 13, 2016

When the question gets posed I often shift uneasily, or umm and err a little, or possibly just make something up…a while back I was often introduced as an airline pilot because my ‘real’ job was so incomprehensible. The answer I hate is someone’s job title. It might (only might) give you an idea, but it’s rare to find one containing a doing word. My title is the same, no verb in sight. I fumble around with Agile Business Intelligence…Agile Data Warehousing…I’ve lost their interest already.
So what do I do? What is Agile Business Intelligence? What is Agile Data Warehousing?
Clearly, there are three separate concepts: ‘Agile’, ‘Business Intelligence’, and ‘Data Warehousing’ so let’s deal with them separately and then together.
Agile is a project methodology, it delivers project outputs in a matter of weeks on an ongoing basis and responds well to a changing environment. Agile as a methodology is well documented.
Business Intelligence turns data into usable information. Simple.
A Data Warehouse holds an organisations data in a separate place away from the ever-changing operational systems. So you need a Data Warehouse to enable Business Intelligence, which means I’ll limit the conversation from here on to Agile and Business Intelligence…or as we like to call it Agile BI.
Business Intelligence is relevant for all businesses, and Information Technology departments too, but it’s a niche world. Different in so many ways and not a standard software development environment; certainly not the one for which Agile was originally conceived. In my world then, Agile BI refers to the use of a slightly adapted Agile methodology to deliver Business Intelligence (and by default a Data Warehouse).
Or maybe I’m an airline pilot.
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