Welcome Back Lawrence Corr

by | Oct 9, 2018

In March we will be welcoming back Lawrence Corr, bestselling author of “Agile Data Warehouse Design”.
OptimalBI are happy to be hosting Lawrence’s Wellington 3-day BEAM* training workshop and data modelstorming masterclass.
Lawrence’s data modelling expertise is impressive:

  • data warehouse practice leader at Linc Systems Corporation (USA)
  • vice-president of data warehousing products at Teleran Technologies
  • teaching associate at the Kimball University.

Nowadays Lawrence travels the world spreading his data modelling vision.
Who better to train you?  Who better to discuss your tricky data modelling problems?  Who better to discuss methods of BI requirements gathering?  It would be a shame to let all this experience and vision escape untapped.
Over these 3 days we can promise you interaction, discussion and worked examples.  Engaging classroom sessions, quizzes, games and team exercises.  You will tackle problems from many angles.
Lawrence builds on Kimball methodology, industry-standard dimensional modelling (maybe even a take on Data Vault) while providing you with practical tools and techniques for BI data design.
Discover how modelstorming (modelling and brainstorming) with your business stakeholders can replace your currently requirements gathering method.
Lawrence has created a shared data language bridging the business and IT.  By the end of this course you will be ready to run your own workshop(s), design an Agile star schema and learn all about dimensional design patterns.
If you’re reading this having already completed the 1-day OptimalBI BEAM – Introduction to Defining Data Requirements course, you’ll be wondering what else you get in the 3-day BEAM* training workshop and data modelstorming masterclass.  Yes, the data requirements content will be covered.  In addition, you will also get hands on experience turning these requirements into development ready data design.  You will workshop data design for different scenarios.  It will solidify your learning and take you down the path toward strong Agile data warehouse design.
Register for the 3-day BEAM* course from March 4-6 at https://optimalbi.com/training/corr-beam/.
I look forward to seeing you.
Data – Mel.

Mel blogs about analytics, analytical tools and managing better business intelligence. Read her blog about Supporting the Business here.


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