Want to play with Yellowfin? How to use the Yellowfin demo site

by | Oct 23, 2014

All right. You have read some of our Yellowfin blogs you might have watched some of the video guides like these and you are excited. This whole Yellowfin thing cools really cool and you are ready to jump in and start swimming with the big fish.
Well, there is actually a better idea. Yellowfin can give you access to a safe paddling pool from their site. Just click in the button on the left labelled Demo Site and you will get a screen like this:
Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 1.56.18 pm
It’s a simple case of putting your email in to the required field and clicking ‘Submit’.
You will then receive and email like this:
Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 2.02.56 pm
Select the demonstration site most appropriate for you, for me it is the Australian Demonstration Site, and off you go.
As an actual Yellowfin user I can say that you get an environment that looks almost exactly like the real thing.
Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 2.43.14 pm
When Yellowfin say that the tool is beautiful they aren’t wrong. I have seen enough BI tools to know a well put together design when I see one and this goes beyond stunning.
No, this isn’t the full Yellowfin experience. As a demo site you don’t have the ability to add new data sources or customise the branding of the page as Dan has talked about. All the data comes from Yellowfin’s Ski Team data set. The really good news is that you can’t actually break anything, it’s all about getting your feet wet.
You can do a lot of very cool stuff in the demo environment such as creating reports, it does appear that once you have created a report you can’t edit it once saved. Having said that all the customisation options are available when you are creating the report. I wondered how colourful I could make a chart and, well, the answer was very colourful indeed.
You can’t edit the dashboards as they are presented but if you copy one of the dashboards you can edit your copy by adding or removing reports. This is most fun and gives you a good understanding of this key aspect of using Yellowfin. It’s all about the dashboard and about being easy to use.
Yellowfin have also retained one of my favourite things, the Timeline. I’m not sure whether anybody monitors what you post but it is really cool to see this great feature retained in an environment like this.
Yellowfin even provide a wiki with a whole lot of information about how to use their tool so if you jump in the paddling pool and don’t know what direction to swim in this will give you some good ideas.
If you work in reporting I would whole heartedly recommend signing up for this demo environment, it’s just good.
Then if you want to know more about how to put Yellowfin to work, give us a shout.
Success is preparation meets opportunity – Jack

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