Trifacta, What’s New in Version 4?

by | Oct 28, 2016

Trifacta, What’s New in Version 4?

by Oct 28, 2016

We’ve been loving Trifacta for a while now, enough to become partners last year, so with the release of version 4 I thought I’d have a look at what’s new.
Enhanced User Experience
Trifacta has always been at the forefront of the visual experience and with version 4 there is even more for those less technical of us that have trouble getting started…and with data wrangling increasingly becoming part of everyone’s job, a problem that will only get more common.
‘Builder’ has therefore been enhanced to guide users through each step of wrangling, responding to the user’s changing needs. For the more advanced user, there’s also additional functionality within the interface.
Improved Performance and Scale
Great, more functionality! But more functionality generally means slower response times. So Trifacta have worked hard to improve the performance on large data volumes.
On the scale front, Trifacta work out the context size of your data set and automatically applies the right processing to it. Less watching the spinning wheel and more data wrangling!
Extended Cloud Deployment and Data Source Connectivity
Version 4 now connects to more data sources across a wide range of databases such as Teradata, Microsoft SQL and Oracle. Of course this won’t satisfy everyone, so there’s a handy API that allow you to build your own connectivity.
Alongside increased connectivity to data sources, version 4 also expands support to the cloud including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.
Have fun!
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