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by | Jun 9, 2017

We here at OptimalBI are pretty proud of being a Trifacta partner. We’ve written a few blogs about Trifacta in the past. We also wrote this guide to Getting started with Trifacta. If you are new to Trifacta their online training videos are a great place to start.

Who are these videos for?

As this video explains ‘one does not simply analyse data sources in their native format’ (is it just me or was that a Lord of The Rings reference?). Up to 80% of data analysis time is spent in data preparation but this often requires someone with the technical skill to prepare that data. So, if you want to do data preparation yourself but don’t have those technical skills then Trifacta is for you.
These videos are for people who are completely new to Trifacta they provide a comprehensive overview of the basics then a deeper level of detail.

What is covered?

I’ve linked to the six lessons below. The most important point here is the detail that Trifacta goes into is reasonably deep. I’ve put the subheadings in for the first lesson just to show how detailed this course is. It provides a good introduction to concepts and terms before you start to work with the product itself.
LESSON 1: Introduction to Trifacta Wrangler

    • 1A – Course Overview
    • 1B -Terminology
    • 1C -Trifacta Interface Navigation
    • 1D – How to Wrangle Data
    • 1E – End-to-End Workflow

LESSON 2: Getting Started
LESSON 3: Trifacta Basics
LESSON 4: Advanced Transforms
LESSON 5: Wrangling Tools
LESSON 6: Use Case

What’s good about them?

These videos cover all the fundamentals that any good set of training videos must:

  • The audio is good.
  • The pace of the instruction is slow enough to follow easily.
  • The videos are short, generally under 5 minutes.

The videos also get some other, often neglected things right:

  • Each video has a list of the things that will be covered and at the start of the video, this list is repeated.
  • There are links for each video that go to pages that cover the points covered in the video but in a text form.
  • These videos don’t require you to have previous experience with Trifacta and explain their terminology at the start so you don’t get lost.
  • The course is extremely comprehensive.

Does Trifacta produce any other videos?

Yes, Trifacta does produce other videos and you can find them here. They cover various Trifacta topics like renaming a column (1 min 31 sec) and transforming data (13 min 39 sec). These videos are good if you want a specific topic covered or as a next step after the training videos. However, they are not as slick as the training videos. The audio isn’t as smooth, they explanations are a little fast and if you don’t know the Trifacta terminology already you are going to get lost.
Have you used Trifacta’s training videos? Tell us what you thought in the comments.
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