Trifacta training videos, Lesson 1

by | Jul 20, 2017

Previously I’ve blogged about Trifacta training videos giving an overview of what I thought of them as videos. Having done that I was curious to see what happened if I actually followed them and did the course. So, this is me going into detail by following the videos and seeing what takeaways I can pass on to you.

Who is this for?

I’m new to Trifacta but have some analytical and data understanding and I’m used to using Excel. I’m mostly trying to find out whether they can take someone like me from beginner to being able to do something useful with Trifacta. So, if you are considering Trifacta but aren’t sure if you will be able to learn how to use it this is the place for you.

How am I going to do this?

Before I started I downloaded Trifacta you can do that here by following the instructions. I downloading Trifacta because that’s what the instructions for the first video told me to do. I’ll be looking at each video to find out the following:

  • What’s it trying to teach or tell me?
  • Does it get the point across?
  • Am I able to complete the task with the resources given?

So, let’s get started.

Chapter 1A: Course Overview

As you can probably guess it’s giving me an overview of the course videos. The point is simple but I now know what to expect from the course. I can see the other videos and now I’m ready for the next one.

Chapter 1B: Terminology

Complex systems have their own words to describe things. To understand how the system works you need to understand the terminology of the system. This video is about explaining that terminology. The terms; ‘flow’, ‘imported data set’, ‘wrangled data set’ and ‘job’ is explained well in the context of Trifacta. All I’m required to do is understand what the words mean but this is clear.

Chapter 1C: Trifacta Interface Navigation

This is the introduction to how to get around Trifacta. To be honest, without having Trifacta open to actually do things with the explanation falls a bit flat. This would be better if there was a task to complete. You can watch and listen to the explanation but there isn’t really much to do.

Chapter 1D: How to Wrangle Data

This is further into the actions Trifacta will perform when you give it commands. It’s an explanation but it does lack context as Trifacta hasn’t given me anything to work on yet. Similar to the last video it would be better if there was a task to complete.

Chapter 1E: End-to-End Workflow

This is an overview demonstration of how data is wrangled using and sample data set. It’s a good way to tie up this chapter. It shows how everything that has been shown so far works together to wrangle data. As this video says this video is about sitting back and seeing how it all comes together. It does this well and has gotten me very excited for the next chapter where they promise that I’ll be getting my hands on some data to do some wrangling of my own.

Chapter 1 review

Here is the short version of what I found going through Chapter 1 of Trifacta’s tutorial videos.

The good

  • The level is good. I’m a beginner and these videos don’t assume that I understand Trifacta before I start. It does assume some statistical and data understanding but not technical knowledge of the tool.
  • The video length is all under 5 minutes. You won’t find yourself nodding off halfway through a video.
  • All this explanation will be good to refer back to, I can tell.

The not so hot

  • This chapter is a little long on explanation and short on you doing. More integration of listening to explanations and action to back it up would have been good but as I have said above I’m sure I’ll be referring back to these explanation videos later.
  • Having been told to download Trifacta before I started it was a bit disappointing not to be using it. I understand that I need some background first but that probably should have been made clear up front.

The bottom line

This is a great introduction to Trifacta for the beginner. I’m also excited to see what I get to do in Chapter 2.
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