Trialing a LinkedIn premium account

by | Aug 18, 2014

For the last month I’ve been trialing LinkedIn Premium to see if it is worth it, I tried the Talent Basic option.
There was one main draw card for me to start this trial:  The InMail function.  I’m often required to get in touch with people I don’t know, so I look at their LinkedIn profile and send them a contact request, which they ignore as we’ve never met.  InMail lets you send a message to explain why you’d like to meet them.
LinkedIn actually ‘guarantees’ a response from InMail messages – if you don’t get a reply you get that InMail credited back to your tally (you can only send a certain amount of messages per month).
So what makes LinkedIn Premium worth it?
The advanced search function is pretty good, but for me, most of the people I want to connect with are already in my network (yay for the whole 2 degrees of separation in NZ!) so I usually have access to their profile.  It’s the InMail feature that closes the deal, the ability to be able to easily reach out and directly contact these wanted people that is the clincher.  Although it was great being able to send InMails, my hit rate was only slightly higher than I have without the feature.  It’s the ease that makes it worthwhile to me, rather than the success of the contact.
So what happens now?
My trial is up and I won’t be renewing my premium subscription.
My recommendation:
If you’re thinking of trialing a LinkedIn Premium account, go for the Recruiter Lite option rather than Talent Basic I tried, and make the trial longer than one month.
~ Bronnie

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