Optimal Introduction to DataVault

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OptimalHQ, 139 The Terrace, Wellington, New Zealand


About this Course

You will know data vault concepts including hubs, links and satellites and will have an understanding of the ensemble logical modelling process. You will be confident in your knowledge of how the business-driven approach is more sustainable and flexible than a data-driven one.

Who is this course for?

Whether you are a Business Analyst, Data Architect or Developer, this course will give you a basic understanding of the data vault model to enable an agile data warehouse which makes it easier to cope with change.



Changes in requirements won’t kill your code. Develop using design patterns. Understand the data vault data model.

Business Analyst


Align data to business process. Enable self service BI. Translate BEAM to Data Vault.

Data Architect


Map data requirements to a data model. Change your data model at will. Changes in source systems won’t kill your model.

What's covered in this course?
  • What data vault is, how it’s different, pros and cons.
  • EDW Requirements
  • Hubs, links, and satellites
  • Relationships, transactions and hierarchies
  • Identifying and modelling the business key
  • Processes for modelling and deploying the data vault

What People Say About This Course

I really can’t see any organisation continuing to do data warehousing without Data Vault.

Data Vault and Ensemble are highly productive tools for describing business relationships, I can see that it will be incredibly helpful when working with clients.  This course comprehensively covered the essentials to get started.

Why has the Ensemble Method not been used before and why are not more organisations using it?!

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