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Data Vault Modeling & Certification is an engaging 3 day course, made up of 60% Group exercises and discussion plus 40% tuition.

The course uses engaging real world concepts to make sure you’re ready to implement and support Data Vault in your environment with a certification to prove it.

Want to know more about Data Vault before you look into what this certification course is about?  We’ve written blogs that might help, try What is Data Vault, 3 reasons data vault rocks, or why your data warehouse needs data vault.

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


  • Data Vault constructs of Hub, Link and Satellite
  • Impact of Data Vault – the benefits of applying this model
  • Data Vault modeling examples
  • Deep dive into Hub & Link design
  • Advanced Constructs
  • Case Studies: small group modeling labs

  • Group Case: Integration Case
  • Working with Data Vault
  • Loading Paradigms
  • Applying to EDW
  • Data Vault in Practice

  • Exam Review and Discussions
  • CDVDM Exam



Hans is a Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence educator, author, speaker and advisor.  He’s one of the leading gurus on Data Vault methods and the author of ‘Modeling the Agile Data Warehouse with Data Vault’.

Over the three day course Hans will guide you through the Data Vault modeling approach from modeling constructs and patterns to applying data vault principles in your data warehouse environment.

Hans will also cover loading paradigms, architectures, and how to develop an effective overall data vault data warehouse program.


I really can’t see any organisation continuing to do data warehousing without Data Vault.

Why has the Ensemble Method not been used before and why are not more organisations using it?!

Data Vault and Ensemble are highly productive tools for describing business relationships, I can see that it will be incredibly helpful when working with clients.  This course comprehensively covered the essentials to get started.

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