The power of a friendly work place challenge

by | Jun 9, 2014

NicHere at Optimal BI we have spent the month of May competing against each other in a step challenge.  There were varying aspects of this challenge, most amount of 10,000+ steps in a day, biggest single day and most steps overall.  You can read Vic’s and Geoff’s blog on it.
What satisfied me most about this challenge was the effect it had on other aspects of my life.  I run to and from work every day.  I have consistently done so for almost a year now.  In May though, I ran more kilometres than I ever have before.  To give some perspective, in April I ran a total of 121.2km, which was consistent with previous months.  During step challenge May, I ran 266.5km.  That completely amazes me.  As a result of a simple, friendly work challenge, I more than doubled my running kilometres from the previous month.
What I am most proud of is finally completing a run I have been wanting to do for over a year now, but never got around to doing it.  It was a biggie, up Mt Kau Kau, along the skyline track to Makara Peak, up Wrights Hill, around the back Karori Sanctuary to Brooklyn Wind Turbine, over Te Ahumairangi Hill, and back home.  40.3km. 4 hours 11 minutes. 36,500 steps, resulting in a 44,027 step day.
The desire for steps resulted in me being motivated each morning, before work, to get up earlier, so I could add an extra few km to my run.  I would park at the far end of car parks.  I would pace up and down the kitchen while cooking dinner.  I would go for walks for no reason other than going for a walk.  All in the name of more steps.
I ended up with 561,701 steps, more than I possibly imagined at the beginning of the month.
June is individual challenge month, which no one seems to be participating in, but I am doing no sugar treat June regardless.  I wasn’t able to eliminate sugar completely due to various reasons, namely beer, but cutting out the biscuits, chocolate and lollies is challenge enough.  It doesn’t help when someone in the office brings in a giant plate of Russian fudge, and everyone in the office torments you all day while eating it, but nonetheless this challenge will once again impact other aspects of my life, so I will continue to see it through.  Even if it means giving up fudge. Nic.

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