The Analytics Of Purpose – SUNZ 2016

by | Mar 3, 2016

Analytics of Purpose SUNZ2016
Session Two in the business stream of SUNZ 2016 brought us an insightful view into the purpose of analytics by Amanda Sterling.
From art to analytics to art.
While we were taken through the history of the arts and the Renaissance period and the growth of the industrial revolution I was taken back to my time at school sitting in class learning history. Even after the history lesson was over the great artwork continued.
I found Amanda challenging my beliefs and understanding of how current society works. Social media, community networks and peer pressure form and drive what we purchase and what we do. Eg, teachers are now mentors of the holistic growth of our children and no longer the source of knowledge.
My take out was:
People who are motivated perform and great companies are made up of people who perform. So, the challenge is to find out what motivates you and how you can motivate the people you work with.
Shane out

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