The 3 mistakes you are making on your website, and how to fix them

by | Aug 8, 2016

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Recently I’ve been researching websites and it kills me that I seem the same easily fixed mistakes happen time and time again.Your website is your shopfront window to the world. It needs to communicate who you are, what you do, and your messages, to your audience.

These are the three most common mistakes I have seen:

1) You walked away.
The problem:

You got excited by the idea of having a regular blog or being on social media or putting on events and you put a blog and an events tab on the site plus some links to your twitter account.

But then you got busy and you haven’t updated any of these for 12, or 6 months. In fact, even 1 month is too long between drinks. You look like you just don’t care.

The fix:

If you aren’t blogging, start blogging! I blogged ages ago about how to write a blog plan. Then I followed it up with how to proof-read your organisation’s blogsWriting blogs is good for all sorts of reasons, like engaging your audience and documenting the things you have learned. So get a plan together and start. A regular once a week blog you write well is better than a blog you talk about but never post.
If you aren’t bothering with social media because your audience isn’t there, fine. Don’t have social media accounts. Not having a social media presence if you know it’s a waste of time is fine. Having links to accounts you don’t touch, isn’t.
If you have an events page, do a pile of events like us. Or get rid of the blank page that says; Upcoming Events, if there are no upcoming events.
Basically, don’t set it up and walk away.

2) Your website says “We exist and do … something, contact us for more”.
The problem:

You don’t want to overwhelm people coming to your site with information. So, you are trying to keep things simple. But you need to clearly articulate who you are, what you do and why we would care. People won’t contact you to find out what you do. Would you call a business to find out more when you read the website and didn’t have a clear of what the business was about?

The fix:

Our website has what we are all about broken down to Teach, Coach, Do with more detail behind each.

  • Who – so you know who we are.
  • Blog –  so you can get a feel for us.
  • Contact – because we do want to hear from people.

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Not too much information but enough to make it clear what we do so you can get in touch if we will solve your problem.

3) Your website content isn’t written for me.
The problem:

I came to your website for some information. I want you to make it easy for me because you know who I am and why I’m here. If you don’t know who I am and what I want you are going to fail at this.

The fix:

Think about who is coming to your website, what information they want when they get there and how they would go about finding it. Don’t look at your website from your perspective, look at it from your potential customers’. Test your website with people you know. Are they getting the information they want, is it easy? Of course, you know who you are but you are not the audience.
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When we thought about who was looking for AgileBI training these are the people we wanted to talk to. This way if you are one of these people you know we are talking to you.

  1. Don’t set something up and leave it
  2. Give people enough context
  3. Make sure the people you want to talk to are hearing the message.

Simple, yes. Easy, no.
Success is preparation meets opportunity – Jack
Jack blogs about community, social media and how all this data stuff impacts the rest of us
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