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Shane Gibson


I love to help customers make their information visible, and my current journey involves taking the world of Agile and applying it to Data Warehousing, Analytics, Reporting and Visualisation.

AgileBI requires changes in the way we do things in the BI world. Delivering something as “Done Done” every three¬†weeks, requires a major change in how we do things.

But not what we do, we still make data accessible, we still make data tell a story and we still make the story visible. Just faster and with more likelyhood of success.

No more multi year, multi million dollar failures.

  • Business Process Modeling 80%
  • AgileBI 100%
  • Strategy 100%
  • Architecture 100%
  • Workshop Facilitiation 100%
  • Requirements Modeling 80%
  • Data Modelling 60%
  • Data Profiling & Business Rule Identification 60%
  • Code Development 20%
  • Visualisation 80%
  • Testing 20%
  • Documentation 20%

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