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Qlik Continuous Classroom – Worth it?

Recently, I have been spending some time learning QlikSense. This time happened to coincide with a 3-day free trial Qlik was having for their Continuous Classroom. This created an opportunity to compare free and paid content. This is a quick rundown or whether or not...

Qlik Basics: Random Data Generation

Generating data in Qlik is a simple, but useful trick. There are custom scripts you can write entirely yourself, but today we are going to use Qlik's automated scripting. To do this, we need to make our app or navigate to the app we want to use. We then want to use...

QlikSense Basics: Bucketing Data

When using Qlik, you may need to profile or categorize your numerical data. This makes it easy to convert continuous data into discrete data. With Qlik, this can be easily accomplished during data load using the Qlik Buckets card. Simply select the table with the data...

Qlik Basics: Filters

Once you get going with Qlik Sense you will quickly end up with many visualizations across multiple pages, displaying connected data. To avoid redundant effort for the user, Qlik has implemented persistent filters. This means when you apply a filter anywhere in your...

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