Teaching Granny How to Suck Eggs!

by | Nov 11, 2015

I was a Business Analyst, back in the day at what feels like the dawn of time. Since then I’ve served my time on a variety of projects and ended life leading a practice of excellent consultant business analysts before moving into the challenging world of business intelligence.
So its with some trepidation that I’m presenting, along with Shaun McGirr, at the IIBA Development Day on 16th of November at Te Papa. We’re going to be selling the virtues of Business Event Analysis Modeling (BEAM) to gather data requirements.
We’ve been using BEAM at OptimalBI for the last two years and love it.
As I wrote in 2014:

The BEAM methodology believes that a businesses’ data should reflect its business processes. Obvious really, if you have a business process that’s important, then it’s probably worth measuring…how many customer orders you get, what’s the value of the invoices, etc. So we start, by identifying the business processes.
(We) then go on to ask you other questions, when, how many, why, how, where, who and what?
A few simple questions and we’re well on the way to understanding what you do, and more importantly, the supporting data to make a data warehouse and set of reports that you want and reflect your business processes.

And the final benefit, the real reason you need to get “beamed”…you’ll be able to see the conversation that you’ve had with the Analyst in a simple to read template. This will be the same template that the Developer will use for the build. No loss in translation. Everyone speaking the same language.
When I first read the BEAM book as an ex-BA, I was taken by how much of it made perfect sense to me; it’s business process oriented, it asks lots of questions; who-what-when-where-why, and there’s a myriad of terms that flow through to data warehousing that I was familiar with. I’d done all of it time and time again for various projects but never put it together like this.
So here’s my call to arms: BAs of the IIBA, come to Te Papa and listen to us tell you everything you already know but, in a way you’ve never heard it before.
Data requirements will never be the same again.
See you there!
BEAM, Business Event Analysis Modeling, is an awesome methodology from the book “Agile Data Warehouse Design” by Lawrence Corr and Jim Stagnitto.
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