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We teach Agile Business Intelligence

We have taken the leading-edge methodologies we use to deliver successful solutions for our customers, and transformed them into 1-day business intelligence courses.

 Our interactive training gives your team the concepts, processes and templates they need to deliver like we do with our three specially designed courses.

Manage the data lifecycle

Our AgileBI course is designed to teach you the processes required to deliver Business Intelligence with Agility.

Delivering Business Intelligence with Agility

Successfully deliver data warehouse, analytic or business intelligence projects in an agile way.

This training takes you through the process, from the beginning to the end, to deliver Business Intelligence using Agile techniques.


Our BEAM* and Data Vault courses are designed to teach you how to deliver data that meets your business stakeholders needs, with Agility.

BEAM* - Delivering Agile data requirements

Understanding data needs from the business perspective.

This training helps close the gap between gathering business user requirements and data warehouse design.

Data Vault Modeling - Delivering Agile data integration

Learn how to integrate data using an Agile approach to modeling the data warehouse.

This training teaches you how to model the integration layer in your data warehouse using data vault ensembles.

Defining data requirements

For Business Analysts:  Thursday 31 October

For Designers and Developers:  Thursday 14 November

Data Vault Certification

Auckland November 13-15, 2019.  Alternatively, check out our 1-day Introduction to Data Vault workshop.

Ensemble Logical Modelling workshop

ELM is a structured way to gather the business concepts (and relationships) from the organisation.  This results in a logical model used for easy communications in the organisation and getting everyone on the same page (concerning concepts, meaning and semantics).

The first ever ELM workshop will be held in Auckland on November 11-12, 2019.

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