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by | Oct 7, 2016

Recently, I was fortunate to attend the sold out SUNZ Auckland 2016 and this is my take on the day.  For those who don’t know, SUNZ stands for SAS Users of New Zealand and is a society dedicated to connecting SAS users and improving New Zealand’s analytics capability.
First of all, I would like to congratulate the organising committee for another well run event, the speakers, and the sponsors especially Sysware for the coffee cart.   After a successful SUNZ Auckland last year (SUNZ returns to Auckland) the SUNZ committee have committed to growing event in Auckland, and they are on their way with this, it was a great day with some excellent presentations and a good chance to network.
The Day Started with a light lunch – this is the obligatory food pic
The Room Filling Quickly before the official start
Rohan Kicking the Event off.
So I suppose for me the main draw card for this year’s event was the keynote from Oliver Schabenberger, CTO at SAS, who spoke about Emerging Tech Trends and Analytics and SAS’ new platform SAS Viya which was launched earlier this year. The key points about SAS Viya I got from the Keynote were (don’t forget I am a SAS administrator)

  • SAS 9 (and beyond) AND SAS Viya strategy
    • SAS Viya is not looking to replace SAS 9 in the near future.
    • Each have been designed to co-exist on the same hardware if required
    • SAS Connect is the bridge between the two platforms
  • SAS Viya is Cloud ready (I would like to see more on this)
    • Consumption based
    • Public or private cloud
    • Elastic
    • Ease of Deployment, Management, Monitoring, and Updates
  • Open
    • Accessible APIs and Services

I am excited to see SAS Viya come to market and look forward in seeing the use cases and uptake in New Zealand. It appears to be a major shift in SAS’ approach which in my mind is a good thing.  More on SAS Viya can be found on the Viya Page on the SAS Website.
Moving on to the other presentations, it was good to see users presenting on a range of topics and even more pleasing to see some SAS code on the screen (Thanks David Grant, The Micro on Macros), and of course the odd sponsors presentation.
Once again we were entertained by what I thought was a great presentation by Milo Davies from SAS New Zealand on Amazing Artificial Brains (nice play on this year’s tag line).  Rather than bore you on my take of the presentation you can watch a video of Milo’s Presentation here.
And of course there was time at the end of the day for a beer and some networking.
Time for Beer
Finally, there were a couple of quotes from the day that stood out for me

  • An insight left on the table is worth nothing, it gets its value when it is applied,
  • We don’t have small data or big data it is just data,
  • Treat innovation as an asset, and
  • Learn to let things go so others can develop it more.

So once again SUNZ thanks for the great day and I look forward to the next one.
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