Sharing Your Analytics Journey – SUNZ 2016

by | Mar 14, 2016


Source: OptimalBI

The second technical session following lunch at SUNZ 2016 was by Joe Robins, Analytics Manager at KiwiBank.
Joe nicely starts off with a joke about the earthquake in the earlier session.
Joe is going to tell us why mountain biking and analytics are similar.
The Huka Challenge had a number of challenges, pain and adversity that Joe had to overcome to reach the outcome of the finish line. Analytics has similar challenges and adversity that you encounter on the journey to your outcome. The key to managing these challenges is effective communication. Analogies can help you to effectively communicate. You know your analogy is working when your audience start uses the analogy as well. Rich pictures are another effective way of communicating, as they say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.
To succeed you need to make it personal; Lure them in with a carrot (Next Top Model), hook them with a story, then hit them with the punchline of analytics.
Show People. Don’t underestimate the power of demonstration.
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