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We remove all your worries by administering your SAS environments for you.

Our on-demand SAS Administration services provides full cover if you have no in-house capability, or back-up cover to support your existing SAS Administration team. If your SAS Administrator is going on leave, our Optimal SAS Admin team isnt.

We know its hard to forecast when you need admin help, when you don’t, what you will want us to do and what you won’t.

So we make it easy, we do everything and lots of it. We do this for a fixed monthly fee, and we do what ever SAS Administration you need, when you need it. We make managing the workload our problem not yours.

There are of course a couple of things we won’t do for the fixed monthly fee. Code development, building data mining models, environment upgrades etc. But you wouldn’t expect us to would you.

We will deliver the best SAS Administration service you can find, we know you would expect that.

Service with a smile
  • 3 hour SLA’s
  • Daily monitoring of your environment
  • Monthly healthchecks
  • Certified SAS Administrators
  • Proactive SAS Administration
  • All you can eat option

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