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by | Jun 30, 2016

If you’re a typical admin like myself you like to have a certain amount of control over your environment. Recently I started losing a little of that control so I asked SAS if I could have it back. After my first couple of searches, I got a hint from SAS Support that I might be able to regain control again. A few hours later, many, many searches and the reading of a couple of SAS administration documents I found the answer. Now to blog about it so I can find it a lot easier next time.
This page gives you all the details including what options you can’t restrict and the variances between operating systems.
Now all you need to do to restrict some options is find your rstropts directory and create a file in there called rsasv9.cfg. This file is in the same format as a standard config file, the only difference being all options specified become restricted and unable to be changed.
Try looking here for your config file.
I hope you also regain some control as I did.
Shane out.
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