Qlik's Qonnections 2017: The four most interesting things

by | Jun 30, 2017

OptimalBI is a Qlik partner so if we weren’t all so busy working we should have sent someone to Qonnections – luckily Qlik share loads of insights from the event online.

Source: Qlik Qonnections website

What is Qonnections again?

Qonnections is the main Qlik event of the year. It’s where a lot of people get certified and a lot of announcements are made. This year it was in May but it takes a little while for the good stuff to get online where I can get into it. One thing Qlik is really good at is putting up video of Qonnections this is the full load on YouTube, to get a feel for what the conference is about, check out the Happy Faces video. It looks like everybody was having a good time at Gaylord Palms in Orlando. My pick of the videos, if you have the time, is Qonnections 2017: CTO Anthony Deighton Keynote where Deighton outlines the Qlik roadmap and vision to 2020. The stand-out quote; ‘The human is at the centre of the decision-making process’. The videos aren’t as good as being there but they are the next best thing.

What are the four most interesting things from Qonnections?

  1. Qlik is changing the way it releasing Qlik Sense. They are moving to a ten-week release cycle. As you probably remember my last blog was Qlik Sense: What’s new in 3.2 but the next update won’t be 4.0. Instead, it will be Qlik Sense June 2017, so look out for my blog on it.
  2. You can now drag and drop a QlikView app into Qlik Sense and Qlik Sense will rebuild it for you. This is in line with Qlik moving customers from QlikView to Qlik Sense. I first heard it mentioned in this video at the 1.33 mark. As Paul from Waypoint says; it’s kind of mindblowing.
  3. Leave Data Where It is. This is how Qlik described On Demand App Generation in this video and it was a big theme of Qonnections this year. It’s very well explained in this article by Qlik. In short, this feature allows users to select a subset of their data to create an app. This means that the data can be worked on in real-time because not all the data needs to be in Qlik.
  4. Augmented Reality. This is was pushed hard at Qonnections this year, I first heard about it in this video. It is Qliks vision of decision making by people but supported by technology and it’s well explained here.

What does all this mean?

Qlik has a vision and a plan to turn that vision into reality. That was my number one take away from Qonnections. If you want to be with Qlik for the long haul they will be there with you.
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