Qlik Sense 3.1 has been released

by | Oct 5, 2016

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Qlik Sense 3.1 has just been released. It’s an incremental release to tries to improve usability in many areas without any radical changes to the GUI. The upgrade process is a breeze. Run the installer and click the upgrade button. The only only thing that made me pause for a second was the odd version numbering as it said it was installing version 10.3.4!
A summary of new features is listed below. For those like me who prefer to watch the movie instead of read the book, Qlik have made a video you can watch.

Capability What is it? What’s the value?
Drag-and-Drop Coloring Allows users to drag-and-drop a dimension or measure onto a chart or graph, to color the object by that dimension. Provides a more simple way to color charts and graphs, without having to edit properties.
Geographic Data Profiling Profiles and identifies geographic data such as country code or city name, and creates geographic points and polygon shapes automatically. Makes mapping easy and accessible for everyone, without having to import additional data files (KML).
Pivot Table Loading Automatically ‘un-pivots’ data stored in a matrixed (pivot table) format, for easy loading into Qlik Sense. Allows anyone to easily load pivot tables, without the need for scripting.
Enhanced Scripting A more refined and powerful scripting environment, with improved coloring of expressions, suggestions for functions, and in-line help. Makes scripting more accessible and helpful for users.
Smarter Smart Load Improved intelligence for profiling and suggesting associations between tables and data sets, and a pre-filter for data preparation. Provides more accurate suggestions for data associations, based on the right data.
User Experience Improvements Additional enhancements such as a new UI theme with object borders, an new mapping background provider (CartoDB), and search performance improvements. Offers a more intuitive and powerful experience for all users.

Jack from our team also took a look at what’s new, a while ago he wrote What’s the difference between QlikSense and QlikView. What Jack found interesting about version 3.1 included:

  • Set the scroll bar to start at the end of the data
  • Change the default theme
  • Show or hide the navigation menu in the hub
  • Search for terms and phrases in DataMarket‘s packages, categories, and data sets within the Qlik Data Market
  • Use primary key (PK) chunking when data is loaded in Bulk mode using the Qlik Salesforce Connector because this is now supported
  • Use database connectors in the Qlik ODBC Connectors Package installed with Qlik Sense to allow subsets of data to be selected by filtering for specific data in database records
  • Filtering for specific data in database records using database connectors in the Qlik ODBC Connectors Package installed with Qlik Sense
  • Create search index during reload with the Qlik Management Console

I look forward to trying out the new features especially around the mapping functionality to see the full extent of the changes.
All the code, all the fun – Ben 
Ben blog about tools, techniques and code. 
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