Qlik Basics: Random Data Generation

by | Nov 15, 2017

Generating data in Qlik is a simple, but useful trick. There are custom scripts you can write entirely yourself, but today we are going to use Qlik’s automated scripting. To do this, we need to make our app or navigate to the app we want to use. We then want to use the data load editor instead of the ‘Add data’ function. Once we are in the data load editor, we can either edit the ‘main’ script, or create a new one. once we have the script we want, all that’s left to do now is hold ‘Ctrl’ then press ‘0’ twice (‘Ctrl’ + ‘0’ + ‘0’). And viola, our script is loaded and once we click “load data” our dataset is loaded too. If you’re in a hurry or more of a visual learner, there is a 5 step overview below as well as a video.

  1. Create new app/navigate to app
  2. Select Data Load Editor
  3. Create new script or edit current script
  4. Press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘0’ + ‘0’
  5. Click ‘Load data’.


Click here for more information on data generation.
From hard data to fluid design – Scott

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