Our Products

We currently have a number of products and projects in the works. Some are new and some we have been using internally for years. Our first two products to be released are ODE and OVE. We have used OVE internally on a few projects but it is still in its beta stage. To keep up to date with our latest products and releases pop back here occasionally or join our mailing list.

Optimal Data Engine
ODE helps you build a modern, agile data warehouse with minimal cost. ODE is an orchestration engine that stores your Data Vault metadata, executes custom-written ETL stored procedures or simple generated SSIS packages and loads the data on schedule.
Optimal Visualisation Engine
Ever need to quickly visualise a quantity of something into a physical representation? OVE can do this for you, and give you a download of the visualisation in a reusable format. For example: The population of Wellington is 216,800 which, by itself is just a number that can be difficult to represent as something tangible. OVE gives you that tangible object, in this example you can represent the population of Wellington in Westpac Stadiums, 7, in fact.

OSA for Qlik

Delivered as part of our Fixed Monthly Fee Support Service for Qlik we have build a suite of automation tools designed to monitor and proactively report on the health of your Qlik environment. Optimal Spyglass Administration is customised to alert for your Qlik implementation, based on thresholds that are specifically defined for you. It integrates with the Qlik Health API surfacing events stored within the Admin Console creating Service Desk Tickets and alerts to ensure our team of administrators respond before you see an issue.