Out of office

by | Sep 7, 2016

Out of office

by Sep 7, 2016

I’ve had a week away from the office. Not away from work, just away from a fixed location. It’s always something I enjoy, but do too infrequently.
Years ago I had a boss who frequently ‘worked from home.’ The speech marks are really necessary. Whenever working from home was mentioned it was an understood shorthand for ‘day off’. She’d leave the office in the evening with a huge pile of papers (in the days before the paperless office!) and return a day later with the same pile. We quickly worked out that the papers left and returned in the same order.
Of course things have changed. 24/7 I’m connected to my email, Yammer, Twitter and texts. I can be anywhere, with the notable exception of my secret 3G-free holiday location, and be in contact. More importantly I have access to all of our systems; all cloud based.
So working from home is easy, as is working from the local library, the airport, sat in the car outside my son’s school waiting for the bell to go and whilst waiting for school-sports to finish. Of course this was in addition to Yammer-on-the-bus, email-in-the-supermarket and Twitter-at-the-barbers.
Of course this doesn’t mean there’s no down time. The holiday location aside, I get to decide when the devices are on or off *click*…
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