Oracle Prebuilt APEX Packaged Applications

by | Mar 13, 2014

Oracle provide a series of Apex prebuilt applications that you can try out. Some of them are examples of how to do stuff in APEX, others are basic but complete productivity applications. There seems to be a good spread of pre-built applications.
If you’re using a version of APEX less than 4.2 you will need to manually install them. They can be found at this URL This is definitely the case for those using the default version bundled with Oracle XE database. However the process to upgrade the XE versions to the latest is very simple. As I’ve previously mentioned follow these cut down instructions from Oracle to upgrade
From version 4.2 the can be found under Packaged Applications tab within Apex.apex_packaged_apps_list
If you click into each packaged application it gives you a detailed description of the application before you install.
If you want to check out the code behind any packaged application you can by unlocking it after you have installed the application. You can then edit it like any normal Apex application. However unlocking is a one way process and once you have unlocked the packaged application it will not get updated when Oracle make further changes to that packaged application. It’s a quick way to learn how to add the wow factor to your applications. It’s also a good starting point to see what the smart phone and responsive design look and feel enhancements can give you.
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