Oracle Apex in the Cloud

by | Mar 5, 2014


I must admit that in regards to cloud computing I’m a bit of a novice. At Optimal we firmly believe that we should put as much into the cloud as we can so avoiding the cloud is not an option. This week I’ve jumped head first into the cloud (Amazon Web Services to be precise) with the guidance of my more cloud savvy colleagues.
As side project at Optimal I needed to have my own Internet accessible instance of Apex up and running. It provided a good opportunity to see what the “Cloud” could provide.
Plan A was to stand up a Amazon Oracle RDS and a EC2 to act as the HTTP listener, t1.micros instances for the technical people out there. I found out that Amazon can provide you a Oracle database and take care of the backups as well starting out at 6 cents per hour. With no Oracle license cost it’s an very cost effective way to use one of the best databases platforms available.
I hit few of issues with this that led me to needing a Plan B. Firstly the t1.micro database option did no allow for Apex option of the database to be enabled. I’d have to move to the next level which was over 3 times the cost and provide far more resources than I needed. Secondly Amazon only supported a previous version of Apex. Being a managed database instance I did not have access to SYS so I could not upgrade it myself.
So a plan B was dreamed up. I decided to put Oracle XE database on a EC2. I’d have to manage my own backups but at least I’d have the Apex version I wanted. I found a helpful blog that gave a good guide in the process. They didn’t include an Apex upgrade process but Oracle’s guide is easy to follow.
So excluding the false start with Plan A, I managed to create a Linux server with Oracle Database and Apex in under a day. Not bad going in my opinion.
You can try the Amazon yourself if you want. Amazon provide a free servers for all.
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