OptimalHQ: A Great Place to Learn… or Work!

by | Apr 5, 2018

So, you know that OptimalBI runs a collection of courses which are full of up to date, industry-leading content that could help you rock your Business Intelligence goals this year… but did you also know that the space we use for our courses is really awesome and available to hire for your workshops and events?
We have a nice big Training room, with natural light, floor to ceiling whiteboard walls, giant lego, a wireless projector (featuring Chromecast), and did I mention giant lego?

Outside the training room, we have a great break-out space, with write-on tables, and more giant lego. The space also contains a foosball table and Street Fighter machine that you can use during breaks.

Speaking of breaks, there is a great coffee machine in the kitchen to keep you fuelled through whatever brings you to our space. Of course, we can organise catering; lunch, morning and afternoon tea – you name it.

If you need a smaller private space for confidential calls or just to keep your break out teams separate – we have two separate, smaller meeting rooms that can be made available as well.

Finally, and most importantly – we have a lolly jar in the entrance way, for that 3pm slump. You know the one I mean.

We look forward to welcoming you to our space, so get in touch through the Contact Us page!
~ Caitlin

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