Offset date filters in Yellowfin

by | Aug 31, 2015

Yellowfin uses filters to return just the data you need for a report and when you have multiple datasets you can link those filters together and in our example with an offset date to filter them differently.
This means within a report you can filter your dataset x days, months or years from the first filter – normally to filter differently on sub-queries.

  1. Once you’ve setup your first filter, drag in the second field you want to offset into the filters section:Yellowfin Filters Joined
  2. Hover over it, click the dropdown and go to ‘Advanced Settings.’
  3. Click the dropdown and choose link to filter.
  4. Click ‘Define Value’ and choose the Operator you want to use e.g. equal to, less than etc.
  5. Choose the Filter you want to link to and setup the offset.

That’s it! Another great little feature of Yellowfin.
Keep exploring! Daniel.

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