New Zealand premiere of Data Science Pioneers documentary

by | Oct 31, 2019

Join us for the first public screening of this documentary in New Zealand. 

Cut through the hype and see what is means to be a data scientist.

Featuring our very own Shaun McGirr, now Head of Data Science and Business Intelligence at Cox Automotive UK, this one hour documentary will be screened in Wellington on the following dates:

Wednesday November 13 at 12noon to 1.10pm (register here)

Wednesday November 20 at 12noon to 1.10pm (register here)

Additional screening added by popular demand:

Wednesday November 27 at 12noon to 1.10pm (register here)

Please register via Meetup (or flick us an email

You’re welcome to BYO lunch.  Follow the threads with #dataiku and #datasciencepioneers.

About this Event

Even though the name is new, the role has a long lineage in statistics and information sciences. And while the challenges data scientists now face occur on an unprecedented scale today, they stand on the shoulders of technical and ethical quandaries that came before (after all, the question of self-driving cars is the trolley problem made real).

In Data Science Pioneers, real data scientists contextualize the role and why they love it while exploring the concerns and challenges to come. Data Science Pioneers is proof that data scientists aren’t just data-crazy mathematicians that happen to work in a cutting-edge field; they enjoy their work and want to take on difficult ethical questions, too. They want to make a difference.

For the non-data scientist, Data Science Pioneers is still a critical piece of the puzzle that is the future of AI – it’s about getting to know the people that are building systems that affect everyone’s day-to-day lives. Accepting AI as an inevitability is complex and might start with data scientists themselves, but it’s a fundamental change that will affect all and that cannot happen in isolation. Data Science Pioneers brings the story that will fuel discussions about not only how to construct a solid foundation for AI, but also a supportive community of those responsible for building it.

The agenda:

12:00 PM Welcome

12:05 PM Screening

1:05 PM – Quick 5min discussion

Register via Meetup now for November 13 and November 20.

Please contact Bronnie with any comments and questions.

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