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by | Jan 14, 2015

With the recent release of Yellowfin 7.1 mapping and geospatial capabilities were greatly enhanced and Yellowfin introduced us to GeoPacks, which are a brilliantly simple way to map your data and add to it. As they describe it ‘making world class mapping available to everyone’ – they’ve taken GIS which can be very complex and made it easy.
OptimalBI has partnered with Yellowfin to offer BI solutions to New Zealand. Yellowfin is a product that we’ve invested a lot of time learning and we believe it’s one of the best reporting tools on the market. When Yellowfin introduced the marketplace, we saw it’s potential and wanted to add content to support New Zealand customers. Our first add-on is the ‘NZ 2013 Meshblock GeoPack’ and it’s on sale now! You can find it at the Yellowfin Marketplace or direct from our website here.
Linking your data to a GeoPack is easy, you simply choose the field which matches across. Yellowfin includes mapping capability right in the application and using the built-in base map you can create map charts offline too. The result is a good looking, easy to understand map showing your data and will look something like this:

NZ GeoPack Screenshot

GeoPacks offer demographics to understand your customers better. If you have a hotspot showing a high population area with a low number of customers it’s a potential market to branch into. If you’re looking for a great mapping tool which is cost effective we recommend giving Yellowfin a try.
Keep exploring! Daniel



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