Locked account in Yellowfin

by | Apr 16, 2015

Have you had a user that has locked their Yellowfin user account?
The error message that the user will generally see is
‘You have exceeded the maximum login attempts allowed’
Unfortunately there is no Click here to unlock for the user however theoretically you should be able to reset their password in the user admin screen and that should also unlock them.
However, if that doesn’t work or worse the user that locked their account was you and you’re the only user admin. What do you do?
Copy development/examples/ResetAdmin.jsp to Yellowfin/appserver/webapps/ROOT/  , then in you browser enter the following url ‘http://<server>:<port>/ResetAdmin.jsp’.  This will enable you to set a new password for any user including your admin user.  Once you are finished, you should delete the jsp from the webapp directory as it is not secured.
Details can be found at http://www.yellowfinbi.com/YFForum-Login-credentials-invalid-?thread=95480.
If all else fails you can also look in the ipClass table however I will leave that to another blog.
Barry, Preventer Of Chaos.

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