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by | Nov 28, 2019

Working in the Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing space I’m constantly keeping abreast of what’s hot and what’s not. Obviously Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence fall under the BI/DW banner, somewhere.  So today I want to share Kaggle!

Kaggle is an online community for data geeks, specifically data scientists and machine learners, with over a million people registered (as at June 2017). There’s much more to it however! Kaggle was founded in 2010, and acquired in 2017 by Alphabet Inc (Google for those that don’t know). Here’s a few cool things from Kaggle:


Kaggle host data science related competitions where machine learning methodologies can be applied to solve an issue. And the kicker here is in some cases there are cash prizes for the best solution. Yep cash money! You can find and join a team to work on a solution, or go at it alone if you so choose. Some of the projects are listed by well known organisations and are quite interesting, some examples: Microsoft – Malware Prediction – $25k,  Quora – Detect Toxic Content – $25k, Google – Detect Objects in Images – $30k, Intel – Detect Cervical Cancer – $100k. Well worth checking out!

Rich Data Sets

As Kaggle is all about data, of course they have some great datasets! There’s a whole raft of content available, which is great for building proof of concepts, practicing your machine learning and so on. A quick skim through this section and I can see something for everyone, some examples: Wine Reviews, Github Repos, Taxi Trips, Crime Levels, Bitcoins, Images. If you’re in the data world Kaggle is the go-to for demo data.


If you’re on a learning journey Kaggle host a bunch of notebooks which show the methodologies people have applied to solve a question, or build an algorithm. I always find having some reference code is a great place to start. These are all submitted by Kagglers.


Perhaps you’re completely new to all of this and just looking to start the journey, don’t worry, everyone starts somewhere! On Kaggle you can find a bunch of courses which start at the basics and ramp up! Some of the course topics include: Python, SQL, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Geospatial Analysis.

But wait there’s more……

Perhaps you’re interested in what’s happening in the data science world? Well Kaggle own the No Free Hunch blog page. Here you will find all sorts of data related news, some more tutorials, dataset and interviews.


I’m sure you will find something interesting over at Kaggle, so  till next time, happy Kaggling!

Thomas – MacGyver of code.


Thomas blogs about big data, reporting platforms, data warehousing and the systems behind them. Read some of his other blogs here.

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