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That’s right; for 3 days only, Lawrence himself will be in Wellington delivering his Agile Data Warehouse Design course! It’s been over two whole years since Lawrence visited last time so this is your perfect opportunity to learn from the pro about the BEAM* method and how you can really design your data warehouse in an agile way.

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View the course outline.

What is BEAM*?

BEAM✲ stands for Business Event Analysis & Modelling, and it’s a methodology for gathering business requirements for Agile Data Warehouses and building those warehouses. It was developed by Lawrence Corr(@LawrenceCorr) and Jim Stagnitto (@JimStag), and published in their book Agile Data Warehouse Design: Collaborative Dimensional Modeling, from Whiteboard to Star Schema (AmazoneBook). “The BEAM book”, as we call it, has become our AgileBI bible at OptimalBI and we are using BEAM to build data warehouses.

Who should be BEAM*ed?

Business Analyst:  You’ll understand BI vs. APP requirements, know the BI lifecycle, learn a common BI specific language, be able to handover without re-translation, develop a repeatable framework and document the right level of detail.
Designer/Developer:  Have the framework to ask clarification questions, understand requirements that look dimensional, have less rework because of a cumulative build, know the context of data requirements, use a framework for prioritising needs, and give better estimates of effort to deliver.
Report developer:  You’ll get upfront input into the data model, enable self-service BI, be able to build on others reports, have faster reporting based on dimensions, learn how to gather BI requirements and enable better communication with users.
If you’re still not convinced, we’ve written a load of blogs about how not only how BEAM* is similar to the hammer in your toolbox, and how if you ever get the chance to be in the same room as Lawrence, you should take it.
BEAM* me up:  Requirements gathering for agile data warehouses
Case Study:  TEC Agile BI Coaching
Lawrence Corr:  Three things to be a great Agile BI teacher
Your agile data warehouse starts with:  Who does what?
View the course outline on Lawrence’s own company website – DecisionOne.
See you in March!
~ Bronnie

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