I am a Marathon Runner.

by | Jul 8, 2015


I am a marathon runner

I’ve written a few blogs recently combining agile project methodology and running; two of my favourite things!
I completed my current agile development this Sunday with the Wellington Marathon.
Since I’ve managed to bend my whole training program into agile terminology I thought I’d bow-out by summarizing the race in the same mold.
If I summarize the run as an agile sprint, you’ll already know that you accept into the Sprint backlog the stories that you want to accomplish, and from there you have to adapt to achieve your outcome depending on which curve-balls the stories throw at you.
I knew what needed to be achieved; 42.2 km, and when I started I wasn’t aware of any curve-balls coming my way.
Two did; “the Wall” took a swipe at me at 35 km. Despite reducing me to a walk/run/walk/run for a km, I recovered, to a somewhat slower pace, and kept going. Then there was the Wellington wind. The forecast westerly increased and swung north-westerly during the morning, making rounding the various Points along the coast “challenging” on the return journey.
So review and retrospective…despite the training, it was the hardest physical activity I have ever undertaken. Think Kenneth More in Reach for the Sky and you have my current walking ability. Things to improve for next time? There won’t be a next time. I achieved what I set out to do. Product released. Job done.
My daughter summarized it for me: “You are an idiot.” Thanks.
If you’re stupid enough to want to have a go, firstly seek medical advice, not only your mental health but also your physical capability. Then ignore it, and do it anyway.
Here’s a list on some of the many things that took me on my journey:
Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training by Amby Burfoot, Bart Yasso and Jennifer Van Allen
80/20 Running: Run Stronger and Race Faster By Training Slower by Matt Fitzgerald
Masters Running: A Guide to Running and Staying Fit After 40 by Hal Higdon
I am a marathon runnerI must hurry and I am addicted to running all true!
Tunes to keep you moving: Ministry of Sound Running Trax Summer 2015 
And my sponsors: Trainers from Mizuno. Clothing from Nike, Adidas, New Balance and Under Armour. Nutrition from Gu Energy.
Obviously, the patience of my family and support from friends and work colleagues. Thank-you for hiding the obvious truth from me, I appreciate it.

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