by | Sep 10, 2014

Bronwyn-Scott-OrangeI’m no social media superstar or junkie, but the relationship I have with it has blossomed in the past few years.
It started with Facebook in 2007 before I headed off overseas where it was (and still is) a fantastic way to keep in touch with people thousands of meters and miles away from you.  I was happy with my Facebooking and it was the only social media site I subscribed to.
When I joined OptimalBI in 2012 I didn’t have LinkedIn or Twitter.  Since then, I’ve built myself and the company LinkedIn pages, manage a number of Facebook pages, have my own work Twitter handle and am about to get dibs on a couple more community Twitter accounts.  Seeing and working with Lou and Jack has helped me understand that you should really have a strategy behind your tweets and socialness – otherwise you’re just projecting blah at the masses (which also has its place!).  Hootsuite have a pretty cool social media strategy guide, even if they do want you details before they’ll let you download it.
What’s next?  Maybe I’ll learn to code…

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