How we use Mobilize to manage our Qlik community

by | Jul 5, 2016

niekverlaan / Pixabay

niekverlaan / Pixabay


Community platforms are everywhere. We needed one to manage attendees for our Qlik Hands-On sessions. So, we have been using Mobilize ( and this is an update on what it’s all about.

What is Mobilize?

It’s a platform for managing groups. It can be used to collect the details of people in groups, send messages to them, and has chat functionality.

What are we using Mobilize for?

In the run up to the Qlik hands-on sessions, we need to find out whether the participant wants to use Qlik to use Qlik Desktop or Qlik Cloud. We also need to know whether they require anything else from us. In essence, we need to send emails and get responses. Mobilize does this well for our purposes.

What do we hope to use Mobilize for?

We would like to use it as a platform for a community of Qlik users in Wellington. We want a platform that can enable people to participate in the Qlik community.

What’s good about Mobilize?

It provides an easy way to manage the membership of different groups, recording name, and email. It is a good way to send out emails to a group.
Mobilize can be used for a lot more than what we are using it for currently and we will be extending our usage as time goes on.
Are you a Mobilize user? What do you use it for and how do you find it?
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  1. Blair Tempero

    This might just be the perfect tool for us when we go outside with our Qlik Apps Jack. #feeingpositive

    • Jack Prichard

      Glad you found the post useful Blair. We have only scratched the surface of what Mobilize can do. I look forward to seeing where you take it.

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