How to use your Everblocks around the office.

by | Jul 18, 2016

Recently we went to GOVIS 2016 and because we wanted to be a bit different we created the greatest conference stand ever out of Everblocks. Then I made this video to show how we did it:

So, what to do after the conference?
Well, surprisingly Everblocks furniture has started popping up around the office.
Victoria went away on holiday and came back to a new desk

Vic's new desk

Vic’s new desk Source: Jack Prichard

2016-07-13 15.46.532016-07-13 15.46.47

The Training room got a new stand for presenters and the projector. Source: Jack Prichard

2016-07-13 15.47.33

The office foyer got a new bench with a view. Source: Jack Prichard

We haven’t finished finding new ways to use our Everblocks so stay tuned for what we come up with next.

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