How To Intnx With SAS

by | Nov 7, 2019

We like making life a little bit easier here at OptimalBI and one of the ways we have found to do that is by making quick how to guides. The standard text bullet point style guides isn’t what we do, we do cool sh!t.

Below is a guide we have on the SAS function INTNX. We have SAS experts in house but even they sometimes need a wee reminder from time to time, as everyone does. The guide has all the things you need to know for inputs to use the function and what options you have access to while using INTNX.

You can Download the PDF of the image here

Steven Morrison is a design innovation grad who’s part of the team here at OptimalBI, so you’ll find him squirreling away working on stuff that helps make us look good.  Connect with Steven on LinkedIn, or read some of our other data viz blogs.

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