How to integrate Qlik and RapidMiner

by | Jun 1, 2017

Did you know that RapidMiner can be integrated with Qlik? Well, it can.

Who’s this going to be useful for?

Both Qlik and RapidMiner talk up their ease of use. As Qlik puts it, ‘no need for developers, data scientists or designers’. RapidMiner features include an ‘Easy to use visual environment for building analytics processes’. The idea is to make data useful across the business by making it accessible to everybody who uses data to make decisions. In this video, Ingo Mierswa, founder and president of RapidMiner, uses the example of a regional manager using Qlik and RapidMiner together to investigate churn and decide where to focus action. This can apply to any person in the organisation who needs to take action based on evidence.
The integration of Qlik and RapidMiner can also be useful for data scientists. As Ingo Mierswa points out in this video with the story of Joe The Data Scientist it is all very well to produce a great data model but if nobody cares it’s wasted effort. Qlik helps data scientist because it enables them to deliver predictive analytics and actions into a known dashboard. Insight presented in a known way will be seen, understood and acted on.

How do you do it?

It’s all very well to know who’s going to be helped by integrating Qlik and RapidMiner and why you would do it. However, you then need to know how to do it, right?
In simple terms there are two steps:

  • The Qlik Application (either QlikSense or QlikView) invokes the execution of a process by means of calling a RapidMiner Server web service that was previously configured
  • RapidMiner Server executes process and returns the processed data as the web service response payload

RapidMiner has this page which gives a high-level overview of how Qlik and RapidMiner can be integrated.
RapidMiner gives a detailed guide on how to expose a RapidMiner Server process as a web service and here there is a step by step guide on how to call the web service from your QlikSense environment.

Want to find out more about RapidMiner and Qlik?

Of course, in order to integrate RapidMiner and Qlik, you will need to be familiar with both. Therefore, here is a selection of our Qlik and RapidMiner blogs to refresh your memory.

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