How to install Yellowfin 7.1 updates p.o.p

by | Sep 21, 2015

Recently, I had to update one of our Yellowfin servers, and it was a p.o.p (easy ;)).  The Yellowfin team have made the update process as easy as possible; they provide an update jar file that enables you to update your Yellowfin installation rather than having to perform a new install and migrating your configuration db.
Here is what you have to do (assuming you are running on Linux and it may be different with different versions of Yellowfin).

  1. Backup your configuration database (Don’t skip this bit just in case)
  2. Download the update jar in my case ‘yellowfin-20150908-update.jar’
  1. Stop yellowfin
< Yellowfin Install Dir>/appserver/bin/
  1. Run the installer
java -jar yellowfin-20150908-update.jar -cmd
  1. Enter the installation path when prompted.
  2. Start Yellowfin (once update has occurred)
< Yellowfin Install Dir>/appserver/bin/
  1. And that is that; well, not really. You need to test your yellowfin instance as there may be a couple of gotcha’s especially if you are using a custom_index_mi.jsp
    • An issue that I have had is that the path ‘’ had changed to ‘’ which required me to change in the custom jsp files.
    • I have also had a similar issue in the past regarding autocomplete parameters in the custom jsp not being supported anymore.
  2. Back your configuration database after full update and before you let your user back on.

Nice one Yellowfin, keep the constant product improvements coming especially when this easy to update.
Barry, Preventer Of Chaos.

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