How to get requirements for better agile data warehouse design

by | Aug 30, 2016

About this time two years ago we delivered our first “An Optimal Introduction to BEAM✲” workshop. Since then a lot of water has gone under the bridge. We have refined the course a lot. We have taught new trainers how to teach the course. We have had Lawrence Corr come to our offices to teach his three-day course. We’ve also renamed our course An Optimal Introduction to Defining Data Requirements.
But fundamentally the course still addresses the same problem; How do you create a common language between business people who want to use the output from a data warehouse and technical people who have to build it in an Agile way that can cope with change?
This blog is an update to one written by Shaun McGirr, just after we presented that first workshop 2 years ago. His words ring true today.

What is BEAM✲?

BEAM✲ stands for Business Event Analysis & Modelling, and it’s a methodology for gathering business requirements for Agile Data Warehouses and building those warehouses. It was developed by Lawrence Corr (@LawrenceCorr) and Jim Stagnitto (@JimStag), and published in their book Agile Data Warehouse Design: Collaborative Dimensional Modeling, from Whiteboard to Star Schema (Amazon, eBook).

What is An Optimal Introduction to Defining Data Requirements?

We provide a full-day workshop that briefly introduces BEAM✲ and then gets you using it right away to gather business requirements in an extended case study. It provides an accessible introduction to the concepts and hands-on experience so you can see the value in this way of doing things.
To use BEAM✲ properly, you’ll need to read the book eventually. But as with any new way of doing things, part of the adoption curve is understanding why the new way is better. For our clients, a brief introduction toBEAM✲ and immediate hands-on practice demonstrate ongoing value. From there practitioners can take the next step and use BEAM✲ in their organisation.

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Until next time, keep asking better questions
Shaun – @shaunmcgirr
Shaun blogs about analytics, machine learning and how data solves problems in the real world. 
You can read Shaun’s original blog BEAM me up: requirements gathering for Agile Data Warehouses or all of Shaun’s blogs here.
We run regular Defining Data Requirments courses to bridge the technical-business divide when gathering data requirements, find out more here or book your place here.

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